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Happy New Year from M.O.A.N

A Very Happy New Year to You All.

 2019 is here and as usual, lots of people might start making resolutions for the year, and most people are just tired of making resolutions(that they end up breaking anyway)
For me, 2019 is the year I hope for growth… all ramifications…except my weight though.
2018 taught me lots of lessons…
2018 taught me that people would rather string you along instead of help you and want you to rely on them as the “Boss” that they are.
2018 taught me that it is okay to make preparations and take steps to better yourself while waiting for the “main thing”.
2018 taught me that it is okay to do things for just you and invest in your growth even if you feel guilty about not helping others.
2018 taught me that people will make a lot of noise about helping you, but all that na bobo juice, because nothing go come out.
2018 taught me that you have to make an effort first before most people will think of assisting you.
2018 taught me that real friends exist and the time you have known them is inconsequential.
2018 taught me not to get mad about other people’s money and that it is their choice to give or invest in you.
2018 taught me that help comes from the least expected source.
2018 taught me that it is fine to wait and be grateful for very little….and that God answers prayers in His Time.
So 2019 will actually be a reflection of lessons learnt…..
What have 2018 taught you?

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